What’s Going On Here? Arizona Golf Courses Covered in Snow!

Justin B. News Leave a Comment

When you think of golf and Arizona, you probably envision a hot, dry climate that provides ample opportunities to play golf year round.  After this weekend, however, it’s clear that even Arizona isn’t safe from mother nature.

In one of the oddest weather phenomena that you will likely ever see, snow, YES SNOW, recently fell all across the state of Arizona.

Now, a lot of snow in Arizona isn’t necessarily equivalent to a lot of snow in the north. In Phoenix and surrounding areas this week, snowfall accumulation was anywhere between 2-8 inches, enough to close most golf courses since there is a lack of snow removal equipment in this part of the country.

While this isn’t exactly an apocalypse-esque scenario for Arizona, the weather event was certainly quite unique. 

“It was a significant storm,” meteorologist Marvin Percha said. “We saw trace dusting amounts as low as 2,000 feet and significantly more as you go above 3,000 feet… It’s probably upwards to 20 years since we’ve seen significant snow at levels that low.”

Even with the snow, one of the most surprising parts of this story is that people still went out and tried to play! When the storm first hit on Thursday of last week, there were still 15 players who showed up at Troon North golf club for their tee time. 

If this tells us anything, it would be that even the driest and hottest states in the country can get struck down by cold weather. But with the once-in-20-years storm now over, Arizona will go back to being that paradise until the next freak weather instance hits.

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