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Choosing Ladies Irons

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Choosing Ladies Irons - GolficityI am not one to blame my equipment on the golf course. If my shot goes awry, it is almost always because of a mistake I made in the swing. That said, there are certain things women can do to make sure they are giving themselves the best chance at success. In the age we live there are literally thousands of different options for iron sets out there. So what should you look for? Below are three key components of a good iron set for women golfers.


First, you want to find a set of clubs that has a light overall weight. The equation is simple – the lighter the club, the faster you can swing it, and the farther you will hit the ball. Don’t confuse lightweight with cheap, however. You want to search out a set of clubs that is well-built by a good manufacturer. The name brands you have heard of all make quality products, but there are other good ones out there so be sure to do some research before buying.

Right Shaft

Shaft flex is probably the most overlooked, and important, aspect of selecting a set of clubs. The job of the shaft is to load the club up with energy during the downswing and unleash it at the ball. If the shaft is either too stiff or too soft for your swing, it will not do the job properly. Picking out a ladies shaft is a good start, but that might not be right for everyone. The best method is to find a teaching pro that does club fittings and have them test your swing with a variety of shafts. This should only cost $30-$40, and will be well worth it when buying your new set confident that you have clubs well suited for your game.

Low Center of Gravity

The main job of any iron is to get the ball up off the ground. It is not teed up as with a driver, so we need to do most of the work in getting the ball to rise into the air. A great start toward that goal is irons with a low center of gravity (or COG). By putting much of the weight of the club head into the sole of the iron, club builders create that low COG effect. When you strike the ball, the COG will be below the middle of the ball, and therefore cause the ball to climb up into the sky and land softly at its destination.

Don’t go on fighting your clubs thinking there is something wrong with your swing. By making sure that your set of irons is perfect for you, one variable is eliminated from the golf equation. A good idea is to take your current set to the aforementioned club fitting and start there. See what is working and what isn’t with the clubs you have now, and that will give you a place to start when shopping for new sticks. Remember also that irons have a much longer useful life than a driver does, so don’t hesitate to invest some money in a quality set that you can use for years to come.


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