Cody Blick Actually Got His Stolen Clubs Back

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Cody Blick’s story that took place a few weeks ago is one for the ages. After having his clubs stolen before the final round of his Q-School event, Blick went on to shoot a 63 in the final round with a hodgepodge of replacement sticks.

Well, the good news is that he may no longer need those replacements.

Blick got one of the best holiday gifts he could have ever imagined at the end of the year, as he was reunited with the clubs that he thought he had lost forever. He was simply enjoying the New Year holiday when he received a text from his mother saying that his old clubs were found. And the pictures proved that they were his.

The story of how he ended up getting the clubs back is even wilder though.

According to Blick, the clubs were apparently stolen or picked up by a homeless man in Arizona. That homeless man then sold the clubs to a woman for $75. The woman, after inspecting the bag, saw Blick’s name stitched on the bag, looked him up, then found his mother’s contact information to try and return them to their rightful owner.


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Upon hearing the news, Blick happily decided to buy the clubs back. They were in pretty rough shape but they were at least worth a good story and memories.

The woman and Blick’s family eventually agreed on an exchange of the clubs for $300. This is a pretty sweet profit for the woman involved but could have been even better if she had realized that Blick put out a $5,000 reward on the bag just a few weeks ago.

Despite coming to the agreement, however, trying to get the clubs back to Blick was a lot more complicated. He wasn’t anywhere near Arizona so he couldn’t make the exchange face to face. So wouldn’t you know that his old college teammate was visiting his family for the holidays in Arizona and was able to complete the transaction for his buddy, bring the clubs back to their rightful owner.

In the end, even though the beat up clubs probably aren’t usable again in competition, they’ll certainly be a great story as Cody continues his path to the PGA TOUR.

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