A Q-School Hopeful Had His Clubs Stolen and Still Shot a 63 to Make the Tour

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Well this sounds like a nightmare…

Imagine you’ve fought and scraped your way through all the Q-School pressure to edge out a chance to make it on the Tour. Then, right before the final round, you’re entire set of clubs are STOLEN!

Well that’s exactly what happened to Cody Blick when he woke up Sunday morning to prepare for the final round, only to discover that his clubs were gone.

Naturally Cody tried everything he could to scramble and recover the clubs, even offering up a $5,000 “no questions asked” ransom to try and get the clubs back.


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🚨STOLEN GOLF CLUBS🚨TO WHOEVER HAS OR HAS SEEN MY GOLF CLUBS- I will give you $5,000 cash no questions asked.

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But the thief never came forward and Cody had to piece together a set that included, “the Superintendent’s driver, pro shop’s wedges, random irons and a heavier than usual putter.”

And you might have thought that the combination of playing unfamiliar clubs and a the frustration of having your bag stolen would have rattled Cody, but nope! Blick came back strong Sunday, firing an impressive 63 and guaranteeing himself a spot on the Tour.

So bravo Cody for keeping your cool and powering through the adversity to secure your spot. We’ll all be rooting for you next season on the Tour.

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