Golf Club Thief Caught on Tape Gets Full Dukes of Hazzard Treatment

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While having your golf clubs stolen is never funny (just ask Cody Blick), it is nice to know that the Fort Worth Police Department has a bit of a sense of humor.

Earlier this week the department mocked a golf club thief caught on video with a parody they’ve dubbed, the “Doof of Hazzard.”

And apparently their idea to have a little fun with this surveillance video is working, because the video has already received nearly 5,000 views on Twitter alone, which dramatically improves the chances of someone recognizing the perp.

Anyway, one thing we can all learn from this video is to not leave our golf clubs unattended in your driveway, because it only take a second for them to disappear.

Ok, now go get ’em boys!

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Cover Image via Twitter

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