Controlling the Club Face and Ditching My Hook Off the Tee

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Last week Mike got the jump on me with his spot-on swing analysis from the boys at Me and My Golf. Since then he’s been straighter and longer off the tee, and I’m not going to lie…his improvement had me (and my wallet) a little nervous.

But this week, it’s my turn.

If you listen to The Golf Podcast you’ve probably heard me lament about some of the issues I have getting of the tee with my driver.  Specifically, when I miss,  my natural draw shot-shape tends to quickly desegregate into an embarrassing (and costly) hook.  So, when Piers and Andy offered to analyze my swing during our chat on Episode 208 of the podcast, naturally I pounced on the opportunity.

This was the result:

If you ask me, when it comes to video instruction Piers and Andy are two of the best in the game and the proof is in their easy-to-understand visual breakdowns and highly actionable drills and tips.

You can bet I’ll be out on the range working on this one this summer.

Lookout Mike, I’m coming for you!

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