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EPIC GOLF STORY: Natural Light Releases a New Beer

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If you were one of those lucky, or some would say unlucky, people who had the opportunity to go to college, it’s likely that you’ve had a Natural Light beer at some point. I’m sure many of those memories are blurry or unpleasant but they’re all about to resurface when you read about Natty Light’s new beer.

It seems to be that the recent trend that beer makers are starting to follow is coming out with a fruity version of their beers. The fruit infused beer is becoming a major hit amongst the younger crowd and Natty Light has taken notice with the creation of their new “Naturday” beer. The Naturday is basically just a strawberry-lemonade flavored beer that is designed for college kids and young adults to enjoy.

While this immediately sounds pretty disgusting for anyone over the age of 25, the marketing for the new Naturday has been fantastic and includes a lot of great drinking stories from popular figures. The first comes from Pat McAfee, a former punter in the NFL, avid golfer, and podcast superstar. McAfee’s “Naturday story” revolved around a golf outing a casino experience that he had with none other than Peyton Manning.

McAfee says he was a rookie that was invited on a golfing trip with his teammates of the Indianapolis Colts, including Peyton Manning. The golf was pretty bad as it was McAfee’s first time on a course, and he admits he lost a lot of Peyton’s balls over the course of his round. The crazy part, however, comes when McAfee hit the casino after having a few brews with Peyton and the rest of the team.

The hotel that the group was staying at was also connected to a casino and McAfee still had $500 that he had borrowed from kicker Adam Vinatieri for the golf matchup. McAfee had laid out about $100 in chips across his lucky numbers when Peyton came up, told him good game, then told him the red 18 looked good on the roulette table and walked away. McAfee immediately moved all of his chips to the red 18, and wouldn’t you know he won $3500 on the next spin, adding to the legend and mystique of Peyton Manning.

The story honestly made me want to go pick up a pack of the Naturdays, hit the links. and go gambling on Peyton’s number but I couldn’t stomach the idea of drinking Natty Light again. But if you’re interested in grabbing some Naturday’s for your next round, they’re being sold at your local gas stations and beer distributors now.

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