A Round with Menery, Kearney, and Golfholics

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UPDATE: Unfortunately due to legal pressure from Bob Menery’s management team this video had to be temporarily removed.  We are working to get the video re-released as soon as possible.

The way this one came together is a wild story by itself. Allow me to set the stage…

Mike and I, along with the boys from Golfholics, were all in Orlando for the 2019 PGA Show. In the days leading up to the event we had tried to coordinate a collaboration with Marko and Mike from Golfholics but our respective schedules just couldn’t seem to line up.

Bob Menery on the other hand was in town to accompany his smokeshow girlfriend, Katie Kearney, who was doing some work for Reunion Resort that very same week.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening of that week when we hosted a little party at the Golficity house.

That night we were chatting with the Golfholics guys who said they had run into Bob at a party earlier that evening and had lined up a 6:30 am tee time with him at Reunion. The details of the game were all a bit fuzzy so we told Marko and Coach that we had a standing 8:00 am tee time at the Watson course and they were welcome to join us if their morning round fell through.


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The next morning we pulled up to the clubhouse to find Mike and Marko waiting for us on the range. The sun wasn’t even up at 6:30 and Bob had messaged them to say he’d try to catch up with them on the course later.

So we all jumped on our 8:00 am tee time and what ensued was one of the wildest, and most entertaining rounds of golf we’ve ever had the good fortune to be a part of.

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