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VIDEO: Golfer Punches Guy in the Face Over Cheating

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Ok, you have to see this. It was only a matter of time until the new Rules of Golf resulted in some sort of altercation. And that’s exactly what happened this week at a club championship.

There have already been a lot of mini dust-ups on the PGA TOUR this year with players calling out the new rule changes for being terrible. There have also been talks of implementing and using rules against slow play to make the game faster. All of these things have caused great tension amongst PGA TOUR pros but the most physical thing that has happened thus far is just damage to course grounds.

There’s a lot more consequence for getting physical with other players on the PGA TOUR but not so much in amateur or club tournaments. That’s why things got out of hand at a South African club championship when the winner was accused of cheating at the club bar after the tournament. That player’s response? Well, he didn’t take it kindly at all, head-butting his accuser through a window and punching him multiple times in the face.

Obviously, there is no room for that in any activity and the Lake Club Benoni will likely not be letting this player back onto their course. The club put out this message after the video went viral: “Urgent meetings to discuss the way forward have already taken place and we can assure you that the situation will be dealt with both fairly and promptly. We request your patience in the meanwhile. We will ensure that a communication will follow once the relevant Sanctions have been imposed.”

While this attack was definitely fueled by alcohol and may not have had to do with a new rule change but it definitely paints a scary future for the top ranks of golf. Charl Schwartzel already exploded on a referee last week for putting his group on the clock and with tensions only rising as the season goes on and the hot temperatures getting ready to hit, players will be triggered much more easily.

I’m certainly not expecting any professionals to get into a fight over cheating on the PGA TOUR but increased hostility is certainly possible as the season moves along. Let’s just hope that everyone can adjust and keep cool heads for the rest of the 2019 season.

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