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The Controversial Belly Putter

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The controversial belly putter first made its presence known to the professional golf world in the late 90s by Paul Azinger and has since become frequently used by many more golfers.  The name, as it implies, has to do with the way in which the longer than usual shaft anchors itself against the golfers “belly”.  The idea being that the …

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Selecting Golf Clubs – Steel vs Graphite Shaft Irons

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When buying a new set of clubs, the old steel vs graphite shaft irons debate will inevitably cross your mind.  This can be a very important consideration because each option will offer different benefits depending on your swing and skill level.  Some  people feel that the graphite shafts are meant for seniors (less distance), juniors, and high handicappers, while the …

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GolfLogix App Review

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Golficity’s GolfLogix App Review What’s’ the Yardage?  Just Use Your Smart Phone! We can all agree that 140 yards out is much different then 120 yards. Without the proper yardage, you may come up short or overshoot a green.   GolfLogix created a smart phone application that provides GPS distance readings for almost every course you can imagine.  From your hole …

Golf Equipment Review: Our Best of the Best

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  Looking to retool your golf bag with the best equipment in the stores? Take a look at some of Golficity’s top picks. Irons Titleist AP2 Forged Irons Advanced performance, multi-material irons that offer playability, the traditional solid feel of a forged iron and contemporary yet classic looks for the skilled to highly skilled golfer. AP2 irons are technically advanced …