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Dead Aim Putter Review

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In the past three decades, there has been some very serious and very innovative technological advancement in wood and iron technology. Acronyms like MOI and COR have become part of the average golfer’s vernacular. Not to mention, there is literally an entire new club type (hybrids) that has not only emerged from these advancements, but has helped launch major players …

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Review

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Review

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Talk about versatile! Let’s face it, the driver is the sexiest club in the bag, and the new Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver doesn’t disappoint. This bad boy has a number of bells and whistles that will make any player happy. a multitude of easy adjustments combined with a classic clean look, and a solid clubface that produces a REAL genuine …

The Inside Approach

The Inside Approach – A Multifaceted Training Tool

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There is enough information and gadgetry in the marketplace today to educate, confuse and sell the consumer to fill a football field. With it are the dreams and expectations of game improvement, lower scoring, longer drives, and fewer putts. While never being a strong advocate for gadgets there are some that have some benefits if instructed and used in the …


Our Top 5 Golf GPS Devices (Apps Excluded)

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Ok, so you have a smartphone with plenty of apps that offer some basic golf GPS functionality, but having this (often free) technology right at our fingertips does come with a price, specifically battery life and accuracy.  Most phone app GPS options tend to drain as much as 50% of your battery during a single round, and few are accurate …


Best Apps to Watch Golf on Your Smartphone

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Picture it…Tiger Woods is on the 18th tee up by two strokes about to seal the deal on his 15th major and you’re stuck outside the house without a TV in sight.  Perhaps you’re trapped at your boss’s wedding (it’s his third one by the way) or worse, you’re buddy’s kid’s dance recital.  Regardless of your unfortunate circumstances, Tiger waits for …