Fortnite Just Became a Golf Game

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Golf has always been one of the more popular sports to play on a video game console but I don’t think anyone ever expected it to reach the heights that it has now in the video game world.

That’s right, golf has come to the gaming world’s most popular game of the summer, Fortnite.

For those of you that are wondering what in the world that game is, it’s a shooting/survival game that drops multiple players into an area where they have to survive until there is only one player left standing. The last man standing declared the winner of the game.

Now Fortnite would seem to have absolutely nothing to do with golf but the new season of the game that just dropped includes a new feature that allows players to hit the “Lazy Links.” After attaining level 27 in the game, you can unlock a golf ball emote and use it on your map.

Once dropped into the arena, head to the north and find “Lazy Links” and you can tee up and play around using your ax as a club.

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This new golf course and game capability isn’t the only way that golf has influenced the game. Fortnite recently introduced a new ATK vehicle, which stands for All Terrain Karts. These ATKs look very similar to an actual golf cart but have some special features, including a speed boost, extra seating, and a bounce pad for a roof.

The carts can be raced or used on the greens once on the map.

While all of this golf fun sounds like a blast in a game based on survival and killing, there doesn’t seem to be many perks for playing a round while you hunt your opponents. In fact, if you do hole out from a long distance away, everyone on the map will see it on the “kill feed update” and will know where to find you.

I’m not sure that Fortnite is the game to get your golf fix in but if you’re into that type of action or already are a Fortnite enthusiast, be sure to check out Lazy Acres during your next drop.

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