Quick Tips to Sharpen Your Mental Game

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You’re striping your irons and bombing your driver on the range and lagging putts on the practice greens like the pros.  Your sand game is strong and you’re beginning to hit some nice fades and draws on demand.  All this means that you’re usually feeling pretty darn good about your golf game when you leave the practice facility, right?  So why does it all …


Change Your Beliefs and Change Your Game

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I have learned one thing during the past thirty-five plus years of working with golfers at all levels.  The people that struggle the most and have the hardest time getting better are actually held back by their own beliefs.  The hardest thing to accomplish when working with average golfers is to get them to stop doing something they are trying …


Just Try to Hit the Ball

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Most golfers could get a lot better fast if they could just accept one thing.  It is all about hitting the ball and not about how you swing the club in order to hit it. I do a lot of research on the golf swing and discuss it with some very bright professionals and in all honesty there has been …

Golf Expectations

Are Your Expectations Holding Back Your Golf Game?

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I have recently come to the conclusion that the main reason most average golfers don’t get better is caused by a very unrealistic expectation that most golfers have in common. They believe that their swing can improve and feel comfortable at the same time. Unfortunately I have some bad news; if it doesn’t feel different it isn’t different. I recently …


The Dirty Words of Golf

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Shank. Hook. Duff. Yips. Slice. Out of Bounds. Water. Choke. Now, before you close the post and once again run away from these “dirty words,” I’d like to bring some clarity to the subject. The truth is, most golfers can’t handle these words. They evoke fear, anxiety, and general disgust within our bodies, and as a collective golfing community, we …