The Secret to Clearing a Tall Bunker Lip

Golf Podcast 192: The Secret to Clearing a Tall Bunker Lip

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The Secret to Clearing a Tall Bunker Lip

The thought of getting up and out of a deep greenside bunker is a scary one. In order to clear that tall bunker lip you need to get the ball up in the air quickly.

In this episode of The Golf Podcast hosts Frank & Mike discuss four tips you can employ to make sure your ball pops up out of the sand and lands safely on the green every time.

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In This Show You Will Learn:

  • How to select the right club to help lift the ball in the air quickly.
  • Why you should “lay the face open” to maximize loft.
  • When to “put the hammer down” and make a powerful swing in the sand.
  • Plus much more.

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