Golf Podcast 229: Developing a Better Feel Around the Greens

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In a golf sense, feel means the ability to control the distance of your shots. While it can apply to just about any type of shot on the course, most of the time golfers will be talking about the short game when talking about feel.

The good news is that if you struggle with this area of you game you can actually improve your feel on the golf course, just like you can develop all of the other parts of your game.

In this episode of The Golf Podcast we’ll talk about techniques, concepts, and drills you can use to develop a better feel around the greens.

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In This Show You Will Learn:

  • Why it “all starts with a good technique” when developing feel around the greens.
  • How to break each shot down into two parts for greater distance control and accuracy.
  • A great “feel” drill you can use to become deadly around the greens.
  • Plus much more.

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