PGA TOUR Pros Share how Irma has Affected Them

PGA TOUR Pros Share how Irma has Affected Them

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Hurricane Irma has been all over the news this week and has caused devastation all across the Caribbean and the state of Florida. Of those affected by the storm are many golf professionals who make southern Florida their home.

The storm hit Florida over the weekend after taking a left turn to avoid going directly over the entire state. That didn’t stop Irma from doing damage across the entire area, however, with widespread damage affecting almost all areas in the state. 62% of Floridians are without power after the storm passed through and flooding has reached unprecedented levels in the southern tip.

Most of our favorite golfers decided to evacuate before the hurricane hit. Luke Donald, for example, posted a picture of himself on Instagram flying out of the area on an airplane, wishing everyone luck as the storm approached. Ian Poulter also evacuated after boarding up his house and praying that his house would be able to withstand the storm.

Some golfers stuck it out for the storm, however, sticking in the area to provide actual footage of what was occurring in their area. Greg “The Shark” Norman is one of the very few that stayed in the state for the storm. Norman has a home in Jupiter, Florida, an area that wasn’t expected the full brunt of the hurricane but he still dealt with some strong surges.

Wow. More of this to come thanks to Irma.

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Norman has dealt with this before, explaining the situation on Instagram. “This is my 9th experience to some degree with hurricanes/cyclones either directly or like this one Irma, the outer bands,” Norman posted, “Even though it is nearly 200 miles away to the SW these outer bands keep coming through dumping copious amounts of rain and with wind gusts in the 65-70 mph range spawning tornados.”

Seeing what Norman had to face being miles away from the worst of the storm, we can only hope that residents of Florida remained safe and that they will be able to return to their homes once it is safe.

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