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Golfer’s Dream Backyard Renovation – My Home Putting Green Build

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I did it.  Finally, I made my dream come true.

I’ve always wanted some element of golf in my backyard, so this past summer my wife and I pulled the trigger on a new patio in a woodsy area behind out home and added a putting green (instead of a pool).  Needless to say, I had a blast documenting the entire renovation project from start to finish.

Backyard Green Mike Golficity

The project took 3.5 months from the planning to the final touches. Although MUCH less expensive than putting in a pool, this project certainly wasn’t cheap and the putting green still requires some minor maintenance including keeping it clean in the fall, covering it in the winter, and well … that’s pretty much it.


Backyard Before

As you can see here, the yard is on a up-slope, with very little room to entertain guests or allow the kids to run and play.  We needed to clear that out and make it useful.


Backyard Plan

We hit a bunch of snags along the way with slopes and massive boulders under the dirt.  The plan was designed to look like this but as you’ll see in the video, there were plenty of audibles.


Backyard After

As for cost, depending on the material you use and the excavation required, backyard putting greens can vary dramatically in cost. However, with the putting green that I had installed, the total cost with labor was under $3,500! Tree excavation, plants/shrubs, and the stones were a majority of the project expense. So if you have the land clear for a green, it could fall right into an affordable budget.

Now let’s see if my short game catches fire…



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