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Stand Out and Be Different with Waggle Golf Apparel

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I don’t like to generalize, but (generally speaking) golf clothes are super conservative.  I mean, until Rickie Fowler hit the Tour, the “loudest” golf clothing you’d see were colored polo shirts with stripes.

But now, everybody does stripes…  So how do you stand out when more than half of the golfers on the course are wearing virtually the same pattern as you?

Fortunately, Waggle Golf is leading the charge with some kick ass patterns for golfers who want to be different, stand out, and have fun.  And just to show you how different I mean, here are a few of Waggle’s prints that will help you stand out:

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And in case you were wondering, YES — the prints are named after cocktails.  


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So as you can tell, Waggle Golf isn’t your cookie-cutter, traditional golf brand.  In fact, they’ve purposefully positioned themselves at the opposite end of the spectrum.  And that’s great, because I need something to go with my Greg Norman/Crocodile Dundee-inspired hat and bright yellow glove that I break out when I’m teeing it up with my friends and wreaking havoc.

Speaking of playing golf, let me reflect my on-course, Waggle experience.  Waggle’s polos are made with polyester spandex material blend that is lightweight, antibacterial, breathable, and moisture wicking.  As a result, all of Waggle’s polos will help keep you cool in between beers with the guys at your favorite local track or, if you’re lucky, during a round of vacation golf at that special oceanside course.  In addition, the lightweight, polyester spandex material also has plenty of flex that let’s you swing freely when it’s time to let the big dog eat.

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But staying cool alone isn’t enough.  Fortunately, Waggle has lots of awesome prints, so I can guarantee that there’s something you’ll gravitate towards.  And to help complement whatever design you decide to go with, all of Waggle’s polos feature a reinforced “dress” collar that will maintain its shape and stand out from everyone else.

I was lucky enough to try out Waggle’s Flamingo Sunrise and I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.  Virtually every golfer (well, at least the one who have a sense of humor) asked me where can they get one and what other patterns are available.

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And in case you had your doubts about this lesser known brand, maybe you’ve heard of ESPN analyst John Buccigross.  Well, he’s a huge Waggle fan and can routinely be seen out on the course sporting one of their patterns.

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Waggle Golf isn’t for everyone, but that’s not what they’re about.  They’re a golf company for the guys who want to stand out and shamelessly enjoy their time out on the course.  And if that describes you, well it’s about time you get a polo from a company that’s looking to stand out, too.

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