Golficity Announces New Collaboration with 18Birdies

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If you listen to The Golf Podcast regularly, or if you’re participating in this year’s Golficity Virtual Open, you’re most likely already very familiar with the 18Birdies App.

And why wouldn’t you be? After all, they recently reached a major milestone celebrating 1 million members!

Well today we’re happy to announce our own collaboration with the 18Birdies team that will help bring the Golficity content you love into the 18Birdies App in the form of our own channel in the app’s Explore tab.


18Birdies has done an excellent job of growing the game of golf through it’s feature-rich app and by aligning itself with some of the best ambassadors in the game, including Paige Spiranac,¬†Wesley Bryan, Tania Tare, Tony Finau, as well as Piers and Andy from Me and My Golf.

On top of that, 18Birdies DreamGames giveaways offer users a change to win once-in-a-lifetime golf experiences.

So needless to say, we’re happy to be in such good company, and we look forward to bringing you more Golficity content through the 18Birdies App¬†so be sure to follow our channel in the app for more!

Oh, and one more thing…

Golficity fans can now get a free 90 day 18Birdies Premium Membership by promo using code golficity2018 in the app. That will get you access to Advanced GPS+, Premium Lesson Plans, Advanced Stats, and a whole lot more. So get out there and give it a try!


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