PGA TOUR Unveils 2018-19 Schedule, Here Are Changes You Should Know

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We’ve been speculating about the major expected changes to the PGA TOUR schedule this upcoming year and now the official schedule has finally been released. Here are some of the major changes you should know heading into next golf season:

The PGA TOUR had previously released a schedule but this updated version has included a few other changes from the original release. The most prevalent of the changes is the shortening of the schedule.

The PGA TOUR has talked for years about how they have wanted to eliminate competition from the NFL and other sports that start at the end of the summer and have now appear to have found a way to avoid the conflict.

Instead of the season ending in the middle of September, as it has in years past, the season will now complete in August, long before the NFL season starts up. To do this, the PGA TOUR has decided to shorten the FedExCup playoffs.

In previous years, there were four events but there will now only be three. Further, the playoffs can start earlier with the PGA Championship moving to May instead of August.

PGA TOUR Commissioner, Jay Monahan, directly admitted that the shortened schedule was due to the effect of competing with the NFL and college football seasons.¬†“By concluding at the end of August, the FedExCup playoffs no longer have the challenge of sharing the stage with college and professional football,” Monahan said.

On top of the shortened schedule, there are some other changes to note heading into next season. THE PLAYERS Championship will move from March to May with the PGA Championship. The Texas Open will be played the week before The Masters instead of two weeks after. The Canadian Open will now be played before the U.S. Open instead of a month after. And, for Boston fans, I’m sorry to say that the city will be taken off of the annual rotation.

There are a few other changes that will be coming next season and the schedule isn’t final yet so we could see even more movement. One thing we know for sure, however, is that the PGA TOUR will look a lot different heading into next year.

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