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This might shock some people, but it’s estimated that approximately $150 million worth of training aids are sold worldwide every year. 

$150 million!

But then again, maybe it’s not that surprising considering that golfers are very impatient people who are willing to trying anything that promises to help them hit your driver further, your irons straight, and wedges with more spin.

As a result, there’s LOTS of training aids out there for every fix imaginable. 

Unfortunately, there seems to be a really small percentage that actually help your game and develop skills, as opposed to just making you good at using the training aid.  Accordingly, I think it’s more appropriate to refer to the training aids that actually improve and develop your abilities as a golfer as “improvement products.”

The Swing Plane Perfector is one of these improvement products.


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Yep, that’s Tommy Fleetwood—No. 10 in the Official World Golf Rankings and one half of the dominating Moliwood duo that led the victorious 2018 European Ryder Cup team—using a Swing Plane Perfector.  Why?  It works.

The Swing Plane Perfector is comprised of a solid aluminum base and three thick alignment sticks. At the center of the base is a swivel point that allows you to identify and target a specific plane angle, which is super important in light of the fact that (presuming you’re not swinging single-length irons) each club is swung on a unique plane. 

To illustrate, while drivers are swing on a flatter plane (and on a slight upward angle of attack), wedges are swung on a steeper plane. Only adding to the mix is that most amateur golfers have a tendency to get too wayward and extreme with their swing path (e.g., way to out-to-in, which results in that all too common banana slice).

So what makes the Swing Plane Perfector an improvement products? Well, it’s imperative that golfers establish control over their swing plane and swing path to help further their ball striking skills with every club in their bag. This explains why some golfers are great woods players, but poor short iron/wedge players, and vice versa.

Now, for those of you who are thinking, “well, can’t alignment sticks do all this?,” allow me to share with you three huge advantages the Swing Plane Perfector has over those flimsy rods.

First, the Swing Plane Perfector rods are built thicker to prevent sagging and dropping, so regardless whether you’re lining up with a target or working on staying on plane, you’ll always be certain that the Swing Plane Perfector rods are straight and have you aimed on target.

Second, the Swing Plane Perfector guarantees consistency. Because the swivel is marked with different angles, there’s no doubt that you’re on the target plane and ingraining proper swing mechanics.

Third, and this might be the most valuable factor, the Swing Plane Perfector is super versatile. To start with, it can be used outdoors (and anchored down with four spikes) and indoors. This is great because, while alignment sticks limit you to working on a grass driving ranges (see: rare), the Swing Plane Perfector can be used on normal driving range mats, simulators, and indoors (for when your wife’s not around or you’re just looking to work on some chips shots).


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Additionally, the adjustable swivel allows you to work on anything imaginable. 

You want to work on fixing your over the top swing path, easy, just select the appropriate angle for your club of choice. Want to focus on turning your backswing sway into a more powerful rotation or keep your head centered, no problem, just adjust the alignment stick to your hip and head height. Fighting early extension, similarly just adjust the alignment stick behind your backside and just focus on maintaining contact while going through your swing. 

Hell, if you want to work on your putting and dial in your swing path and face angle (maybe in combination with your PuttOut for that ultimate flatstick practice), the Swing Plane Perfector can do it:


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Rory McIlroy’s coach, Michael Bannon, is a huge advocate of the Swing Plane Perfector because it’s “allowed me and my students an accuracy and ease of consistent set-up with alignment sticks that, previously has been unavailable.” And that’s exactly how I’d describe my experience with the Swing Plane Perfector.

Regardless of whether I wanted to work on my driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, or putter, the Swing Plane Perfector allowed me to pick the proper swing plane to work on whatever swing technique I wanted to dial in. In fact, with the simple addition of a pool noodle (primarily to protect my driver head and shaft), I’ve been able to really curb my over-the-top swing and groove a club path that’s really going to help me get off the tee box and into a good fairway position this upcoming season.


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In sum, the Swing Plane Perfector is a top-tier improvement product. It’s simple and super versatile (like, nearly limitless with its training applications). 

No matter what club you want to work on and whether you’re indoors at the simulator (or in your home) or out on the range, the Swing Plane Perfector is the perfect tool to practice and/or warm up with and groove your swing plane and swing path for every club in your bag and, ultimately, help take your game to that next level.

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