Improve Every Swing with the Swing Plane Perfector

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This might shock some people, but it’s estimated that approximately $150 million worth of training aids are sold worldwide every year.  $150 million! But then again, maybe it’s not that surprising considering that golfers are very impatient people who are willing to trying anything that promises to help them hit your driver further, your irons straight, and wedges with more …


PuttOUT Golf: The Ultimate Putting Training Aid

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different golf training aids. So how do you identify the ones that actually will help your game from the ones that’ll probably just end up collecting dust in the corner of your garage? Well, I like to think that the best training aids—regardless of what they’re designed for—all possess the same 4 factors …


Jimmy Hack Recalling Popular Orange Whip Swing Trainers as Injury Hazard

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There is a good bit of training exercises and equipment that are on the market to improve players’ swings. Now, one of the more popular swing training products is being recalled for precautionary safety purposes. It was announced early last week that the Jimmy Hack Golf company would have to recall their Orange Whip Golf Swing trainers because they present …

PuttOut Golf Review

PuttOUT: Is it Really the Simple Way to Perfect Putts?

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We’re at the point in the calendar year where everyone around the world is in full golf-season mode. Driving ranges and courses are packed, people are working on their swings and enjoying warm air. With all of the play and range work, I asked myself “how much have I practiced my putting?” Putt for dough, right?  Most amateurs like myself …