PuttOUT Golf: The Ultimate Putting Training Aid

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different golf training aids. So how do you identify the ones that actually will help your game from the ones that’ll probably just end up collecting dust in the corner of your garage?

Well, I like to think that the best training aids—regardless of what they’re designed for—all possess the same 4 factors that make them worth purchasing: (1) the design is simple and intuitive; (2) it makes you better at playing golf, not practicing; (3) it’s challenging, but not demoralizing; and (4) it’ll get lots of use.

The PuttOUT checks every box:

So let’s digest everything Kris just covered and illustrate how the PuttOUT achieves each of those 4 factors.

1. Design

The PuttOUT folds flat and opens up when you’re ready to work on your putting.  And that’s it for set-up.  

In fact, the PuttOUT folds flat enough that it can easily be snuck into the office in a briefcase or conveniently stored in the standard side pocket on every golf bag.

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The base disc replicates the size of a regulation golf hole, the ramped back automatically returns all those made putts, and the PuttOUT’s “X-Factor” is the ball-sized Perfect Putt Micro-Target (but more on that in a second).

2. Builds Golf Playing Skills

As briefly mentioned above, the base target is same size as a regulation golf hole, so you’re already ahead of the curve by training your eyes to aim at the same target you’ll be focusing in at the course.  But perhaps more important is the Perfect Putt Micro-Target because only a ball that’s rolled on the perfect line and with the perfect pace will stay in the Micro-Target.  

As a result, the PuttOUT trains the two most important putting skills: direction and speed control.

3. Challenging

As Kris mentioned, the PuttOUT deceivingly gives off the impression that everybody should be able roll some putts and stick the Micro-Target. Wrong.  

After just five minutes with the PuttOUT, you’ll realize how difficult it is to hit a perfect putt.  But instead of being discouraged, the PuttOUT becomes a game and you’re hooked; you become addicted and hell bent on hitting perfect putts.  And let me tell you, nothing beats the feeling the first time your ball stays in the Micro-Target.

4. Repeatable Usage

Like I alluded to above, the PuttOUT becomes addicting the second you take it out of the box and use it for the first time.  

At the beginning you’re committed to hitting that perfect putt. And the second you do it, you’re convinced that you’ve figured it out and that you could roll the next one in and go back-to-back. Maybe you get it that first attempt, but presuming you’re a mere mortal, you miss.  And guess what, now the challenge went from rolling a perfect putt to hitting back-to-back ones.

Plus, because you can use the PuttOUT anywhere—in the office in between meetings, in your hotel room the night before that golf tournament, or at home during the week before you call it a night—it’ll get lots of use because (i) you’ll want to “conquer” the PuttOUT and (ii) it’s going to have a substantial, beneficial impact on your putting.

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And if you want to get the complete experience, add in the PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat.  

The nearly 8 foot long mat helps make sure you can work on nailing those short putts with confidence, in addition to helping lag in those long-range shots, too, for a simple 2-putt.  Plus, the compact carry bag and durable, heavy-rubber backing make sure you can take your PuttOUT everywhere and still have a smooth and flat putting surface.

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In closing, there are lots of training aids. While some have great potential for golfers fighting a particular swing flaw (e.g., flipping at contact instead of compressing), it’s rare that you come across a training aid that’s beneficial for every golfer.

The PuttOUT and PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat are must have training aids for every golfer.  

Putting is arguably one of the most important and, yet, most often overlooked aspects of every amateur’s game. But no matter your putting style or skill level, the PuttOUT will help you develop better control over your flatstick and, as a result, help you score low.

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