Joe Buck Mistakes Brooks Koepka Girlfriend for his Ex During FOX Broadcast

Joe Buck Mistakes Brooks Koepka’s Girlfriend for his Ex During FOX Broadcast

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The U.S. Open this past weekend was a major success that included surprising cuts and record breaking moments. FOX Sports event coverage came with mixed reviews, but good or bad it was had to overlook one big gaffe at the end of the tournament.

As you know by now the winner of the 117th U.S. Open was Brooks Koepka, which was only his second victory on the PGA TOUR as well as his first major victory. And as if this wasn’t a big enough accomplishment for the first time major champion, Koepka was able to take home his trophy after tying the record for lowest score to par in U.S. Open history, sixteen under par to be exact. After securing these accolades, Koepka was met with a kiss from his girlfriend and this is where FOX went off the rails.

The cameras caught up with Koepka as he was meeting with his girlfriend, Jena Sims, however, Joe Buck identified the young woman as Becky Edwards, Koepka’s ex. It’s hard to imagine who the moment was more awkward for, Koepka, Sims, Edwards, or Buck. I would have to go with Buck being that it is his job to know the background on the golfers and Edwards hasn’t been a part of Koepka’s life since December.

Luckily, Buck was saved quickly by his broadcasting partner Brad Faxon who pointed out that the woman was Sims, Koepka’s new girlfriend. He also made Buck look a little better by saying that Koepka only secretively told Faxon that the two were dating last week. Faxon followed that up by stating that he only knew because the couple lives in close proximity to him.

Still, this is a pretty big mistake for Buck and the FOX broadcast to make since Edwards and Sims are not very similar people at all. Edwards is a blonde soccer player that hasn’t been seen with Koepka in half a year while Sims is a brunette and former beauty pageant contestant that has made appearances in many TV shows and will star in ‘Sharknado 5’ this August—yes, you heard that correctly….SHARKNADO 5.

While everything has seemed to blow over and Koepka was obviously more worried about celebrating his win than an awkward moment with his ex, this is just another gaffe to add to Joe Buck’s record. Hopefully, he and FOX will be better prepared for their next PGA assignment.

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