John Smoltz Bloodline Putter Has Everyone Talking

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Smoltz, if you don’t know, is a former Major League Baseball pitcher and Hall of Famer, but since his retirement, John has adopted a new sport that he is trying to excel in…golf.

Smoltz is no slouch either, carrying a competitive handicap and attempting to qualify for a few PGA TOUR events the past few years.

Those dreams and his great play are what has led him to participate in the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions, a celebrity golf event, and the first tournament in the LPGA Tour season.

Now Smoltz, who played in the U.S. Senior Open last year, is showcasing his skills again in the 2019 season but is also doing so with a new, technologically advanced putter.

Smoltz’s putter actually shocked some people at the event because of its unique style. When Smoltz stands over his putts, he is able to line it up and then step back and leave the putter standing upright in position to see how his putt looks from behind. This isn’t sorcery that Smoltz is using to keep the putter upright, it’s a featured thats built into the design of the Bloodline putter that burst onto the scene last year.

The benefits of the Bloodline are obvious because it allows players to get an alternate view of how their putts are lined up outside of the typical aerial view. And for those wondering, the putter is actually legal to use in tournaments and nothing about it gives a player an unfair advantage on the greens. For Smoltz, he’s hoping the advanced technology will allow him to sink a lot more putts on the green.


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Needless to say, it will be interesting to see if the Bloodline starts catching on for more professional players in the near future.

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