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June Jones Only Plays Golf Barefoot and He Putts with a 5-Iron

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June Jones is a former college football head coach at Hawaii and SMU while also coaching for some stints in the NFL. Currently, Jones is the head coach of the Canadian Football League team, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and seeing how cold it is in Canada, the first thing that Jones does on the course is especially surprising.

Apparently, Jones will only play golf if he can do so barefoot.

Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of freshly cut grass on the course feels great on your bare feet but playing an entire 18 holes without shoes, that’s a little extreme. Jones just feels more comfortable playing without any foot restrictions, which makes sense being he’s lived in Hawaii for most of his life. I guess he just never plays golf when he’s up in Canada coaching or he would have to have feet of steel.

And if that’s not crazy enough for you Jones has yet another crazy superstition, he never carries a putter in his bag. And while most players would turn to a driver or a fairway wood as their putter, Jones uses a 5-iron of all things to putt. And apparently, Jones is a much better putter using the iron than he was using any other type of club.

As Jones explains, he had a terrible case of the yips when using a putter and decided to think outside of the box to improve his issues. And since the 5-iron worked, he decided to keep it permanently. It’s crazy to think that Jones can roll in putts using an iron when a lot of golfers may struggle to use a 5-iron for its intended purpose.

While Jones’ strategy could be described as unique at the very least, I have to say that it’s also intimidating. I wouldn’t want to go up against a barefoot player who’s confident enough to ditch a putter. So for the sake of our entertainment and his game, I hope Jones never changes his ways.

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