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Kyle Thompson Films Guy Taking Old Golf Bags from His Trash

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We all have that one person that drives around our neighborhoods collecting the trash out of our yards on garbage night. But one guy was caught red-handed by a PGA Pro.

Kyle Thompson is a five-time winner on the Tour and, as you can imagine, has a lot of golf gear that he doesn’t need. Since he was getting rid of some old stuff, he decided to throw away some of his old bags. But when he did, he heard a car pull up to his house and decided to film exactly what happened next.

Driving by and seeing the bags on the curb, one man decided to stop, pull out, and grab all three of them. He even tried to be stealthy about it, jumping out of his truck, leaving his door open, and hustling over to throw all three into the back hoping not to leave a trace. But Thompson caught the whole thing on film for the public to enjoy.

That isn’t where the story ends, however. One would think that the man was grabbing them to use on the course or to give to his children or friends. Well, quite the opposite happened. Thompson decided to do some research to see if the bags would pop up anywhere and they did, on Craigslist! The man is now selling two of the bags for $175 a pop!

Thompson added the link to his Instagram and laughed it off, saying that the user is known as “Cowboy” is about to make some nice cash on the Srixon bags. Perhaps Thompson could have sold them himself or donated them to a cause but now Cowboy is going to get that luxury. I’m not sure he’s going to get that asking price since Thompson isn’t THAT big of a player but this was a nice little excursion for the mystery man.

This just goes to show that the old saying of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is absolutely true. So if you live in the area of a pro player, maybe you’ll want to take a look at their garbage a little closer in the future.

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