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Master the Fundamentals – Feel the Weight of the Clubhead

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Feel the Weight of the Club Head - Golf Instruction

A key fundamental to improving your golf swing is to feel the weight of the clubhead.  Feeling the clubhead increases club speed two ways; grip pressure and clubhead balance.  If the grip is held too tightly you cannot feel the club and builds tension in the arms which slows down the golf swing.  Feeling the balance of the club during the swing insures proper balance which increases clubhead speed.

The clubhead travels on a swing arc as a child swinging on a swingset.  To push the child higher you push the seat as the child swings forward.  If you push too quickly the child’s momentum tilts backward and the child does not swing higher.  If you push too hard with one hand over the other the child wobbles side to side and not higher.  When you push with even pressure with both hands as the child reaches the bottom of the swing the momentum propels the child higher into the air.  As you push the child you can feel this momentum and balance, but when we swing the club it is very difficult.

A drill to allow you to feel this momentum is swinging with your feet together.  When you swing and feel too much weight on your toes or your heels at any time during the swing, or if your body feels out of balance then the club is out of balance.

Practice with your feet very close together, 3 or 4 inches apart.  Make a full speed full swing to feel the balance of the clubhead.  When it gets easier to keep your balance, hover your back foot heel (right heel for right handed players and left heel for left handed players) slightly off the ground.

With this drill you should be able to:

  • Feel your weight on the arches of your feet during the swing.
  • Complete a full speed full swing in balance – swing fast, don’t chicken out and go slow.
  • Feel the weight of the clubhead – release your grip pressure to 3 out of 10 if you can’t.

This is a fun drill to practice as you can feel when you are doing it correctly.

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Erik Kutz - GolficityErik Kutz is the Head Golf Professional at the PGA Tour Superstore in Paramus NJ.

Erik created erikkutzgolfinstruction.com to teach the fundamentals of the golf swing.  The goal is to teach you how to lower your scores and enjoy golf.  Erik’s videos show you what to do and explain what you should feel.





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Great tips Erik,

Especially point number 3 about grip pressure. Most beginner golfers have too strong a grip pressure which leads to a number of different golfing problems.

The lighter the grip pressure the better in my opinion.