Night Golf with Peter Finch, Golfholics, and Seb Carmichael-Brown

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Have you ever played night golf under the lights? Until last week I personally had not, but I was always interested in giving it a go.

To make a long story short, the opportunity to play 9 holes under the lights at Legends Walk in Orlando, Florida popped up while we were in in town for the 2019 PGA Show and naturally I jumped at the chance.

The whole thing kind of came together out of nowhere. Seb had just recently flown in from across the pond, while Peter, the Golfholics boys, and Mike and I were still flying high from our morning rounds at Bay Hill and Lake Nona. 

What unfolded was everything golf is meant to be (in my opinion anyway). Just a couple of guys knocking it round, having some laughs, and enjoying the game.

As for playing under the lights…personally, I think it was awesome, and I highly recommend the experience.  The greens and tee boxes were lit up nice and bright so we had no trouble finding/following our ball.

Personally, I don’t know why more golf courses (especially shorter Par 3 and executive courses) don’t offer night golf. Especially here in the Metro NY/NJ area where the golf season is abbreviated and there’s no shortage of guys looking for a tee time. I would love nothing more than the chance to play a late round or two after a day’s work.

I hope to see night golf catch on with more courses because it really does add another great dynamic to the game.

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