Rounding Up 2019’s Hottest New Driver Rumors and Teasers

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The start of 2019 brings two things: the PGA TOUR emerges from its its six-week slumber with the Sentry Tournament of Champions at Kapalua’s Plantation Course and the preview of the new drivers that will be coming to market this year. 

And while Callaway and Taylormade stole the headlines last year with the release of the Rogue and M3/M4 Series, respectively, it looks like almost every OEM is going to be fighting for the spotlight this year.

Although no one has really confirmed any specific advancements or improvements over the previous gen, here’s some info about the drivers we’re most excited about (and hopefully will get more specific info while Golficity is at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in a few weeks):


Since the release of Jailbreak Technology in the Epic/Epic Sub Zero drivers, Callaway has really been a top contender in the metal woods segment. Rogue was also a huge success, as Callaway incorporated Jailbreak in the entire lineups—drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids—while also increasing driver MOI (a measure of forgiveness) over the Epic variants.

So how do you improve on that?  We’re not entirely sure, but what we do is that the new Epic Flash series will debut Flash Face Technology.


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While nobody’s confirmed what exactly that means, driver face technology has become a hot item recently, as evidence by Ping’s forged T9S+ faces throughout the G400 series and Cobra’s CNC milled driver faces. 

The big theme with face technology improvements has been greater manufacturing consistency that allows the OEM to push the envelope with face thickness while remaining USGA compliant.


Perhaps one of the most respected names for metal woods, TaylorMade is also releasing its third model revamp in three years. After debuting the M1/M2 Gen 2, TM debuted the M3/M4 last year, with the highlight improvement being TwistFace (essentially, TM added curvature to the driver clubface that would help off-center strikes stay online and reduced distance loss).

With the new M5/M6 drivers, TM has taken a very different marketing approach. Indeed, TM won’t be attending the PGA Show this year (the second time since 2010). Regardless, that hasn’t stopped TM from trying to steal every golfers’ attention.


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While nothing’s confirmed, we can presume one thing about the red screws located at the lower toe and heel sides of club face—it should help generate ball speed. 

While TM has been very tight-lipped about the new addition, they’ve been heavily marketing that “Everybody Gets Faster” with the new lineup.


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It’s too early to tell, but I’m predicting that the screws will be incorporating technology very similar to Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology and somehow increase the stability of the clubhead at impact, which will ultimately transfer more energy into the ball (more energy means more ball speed, which results in more distance).

In addition, it appears that TM will also be Speed Injected, likely with their special sauce that recently been featured in the GAPR, P760, and P790 irons. For those unfamiliar with Speed Foam, it’s TM’s proprietary special “goo” that serves the dual purpose of generating ball speed while also dampening vibrations to create optimal sound and feel.

All together, it appears that TM is trying to take a page out of Callaway’s playbook and is going all in generating maximum ball speed with the new M5/M6, while also providing a fine tuned sound and feel.


While Ping doesn’t get the same attention as Callaway or TM, their metal woods have been a top performers for amateurs.

Why? Simply because Ping has always released some of the most forgiving drivers on the market. Just look at the G30 and G400, particularly the G400 Max, which had approximately 25% more MOI than everything else on the market.

As a result, we can expect the G410 will somehow have even more MOI. But therein lies an issue. You see, the USGA MOI Limit is 5900, and the G400 Max measured in around 5700. 

And in light of the fact that Ping has a much longer product cycle and is adamant about only bringing products to market if they’re measurably better, it’ll be very interesting to see what the G410 has that makes the G400 lineup doesn’t provide.


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Everyone’s favorite ridiculously priced golf equipment company. PXG has never shied away from being expensive, but they’ve also never hidden the fact that their stuff is made with the “world’s finest materials, and zero cost or time restraints,” and, as a result, “PXG products would be golf clubs without compromise.” 

That’s a tall order to live up to, particularly when the 0311 irons and wedges were a big success, but the woods and hybrids were, well, not sure there’s another way to say this, particularly disappointing, which was only aggravated by their inflated price point.


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The second generation 0811X and 0811XF drivers both feature PXG’s unmistakable tungsten and titanium weights on the sole of the club head, but, as is the case with PXG, it’s what is inside that really makes the difference. 

Indeed, PXG was the first to successfully utilize a filling—Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)—into their clubheads, which has since been updated (COR2) and now provides significantly more efficient energy transfer, along with reducing vibration which enhances the club’s sound and feel.

In sum, there’s a LOT of awesome new driver technology coming on the horizon. Add in the fact that the Titleist TS2/TS3 has already been a huge improvement and success and the Cobra King F9 Speedback promising to be aerodynamically fast and forgiving at the same time, it’s apparent that 2019 will be filled with lots of quality drivers.

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