The New TaylorMade M5/M6 Details Have Been Confirmed

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After providing a brief overview yesterday of all the new drivers we’re looking forward to being launched in 2019, TaylorMade released some of the more intimate details today regarding the technology that will hopefully be living up to the promise that “Everybody Gets Faster.”

To start, Twist Face will now be available throughout the entire M5/M6 product lines. As a result, TM’s new drivers, fairways, and hybrids will all feature their uniquely curved face that is designed to deliver a corrective face angle on off-center impacts, which should produce straighter distance off the tee.

New TaylorMade M5 and M6 Drivers

The real new feature is that Twist Face is Speed Injected. Specifically, Twist Face has been redesigned with a thinner clubface and Inverted Cone Technology, a larger Hammerhead sole slot, and internal support foam with varying amounts of resin that’s “injected” via face ports (the last part being the most important). 

You see, new design and engineering magic allows TaylorMade to make a club face that’s so hot, that it’s supposedly in excess of the USGA COR (Coefficient of Restitution, which measures the energy loss or retention when two objects collide) limit. TaylorMade then brings it back into the permitted tolerances by injecting the resin into the face through the two red screw ports. 

Ironically, while TaylorMade is pumping clubs like the GAPR, P760, and P790 irons with Speed Foam, the M5/M6 Drivers will be featuring an anti-speed goo to help keep the clubs on the USGA conforming list.


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As a result, TaylorMade was able to make the M-series club faces approximately 20% thinner (i.e., hotter ball speeds) combined with a 66% larger sweet spot than the previous generation.

As for the differences between the two variants, the odd number club is still the more adjustable. However, the M5 will now feature an Inverted T-Track, that provides 1,770 CG configurations for customized performance. 

In fact, adjusting the two 10-gram weights allows for 1° of launch angle change, 600 RPM’s of spin, and approximately 25 yards of left-to-right adjustment.


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Meanwhile, the M6 (available in Standard and draw-biased D-Type models) ditches the Inverted T-Track for weight savings and, instead, allowed engineers to move weight low and deep in the clubhead for a lower CG and increased forgiveness.


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M5/M6 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

As mentioned above, the first big improvement of the M5/M6 fairway woods and hybrids is that they all are equipped with Twist Face.

From there, the M5 now features a titanium/carbon body and and 65-gram movable steel sole weight. The change in club head construct means the M5 will now be lighter and, as a result, bring more firepower to the table, but also be more forgiving (the significantly heavier steel weight allowed engineers to create a more optimal low CG location).


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In contrast, the steel-constructed M6 fairway wood (also available in Standard and draw-biased D-Type models) is equipped with a re-engineered Speed Pocket that will help boost ball speed on shots struck low on the face, in addition to providing better turf interaction at impact.


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As for hybrids, there is no M5 Hybrid…

Meanwhile, the M6 Hybrid will share a lot of the M6 Fairway Woods’ features: Twist Face, combined with an improved low CG to help launch and forgiveness and an upgraded Speed Pocket that provides a hotter face.


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M5 and M6 Metalwoods will be available for pre-order starting mid-January 14, with full retail starting early February. As for pricing, the M5 will retail for $550, while the M6 and M6 D Type are priced at $500. 

Similarly, the M5 Fairway Woods go for $400, while the M6 Fairway Woods fetch $300. M6 Hybrids will be $250.

While TaylorMade is offering lots of great improvements, make sure to get custom fit before you drop a nice chunk of change on any of these clubs.

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