Saquon Barkley’s Viral Golf Video Has Everyone Calling Him “Bubba Quadson”

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For those who don’t know his name yet Saquon Barkley is a rookie running back from Penn State who was drafted second overall by the New York Giants just a few weeks ago.  And apparently, he never misses a leg day in the gym.

Flash forward to this week when the Giants rookies all decided to go out for a golf round and the official Instagram story of the Giants captured Saquon hitting one of his tee shots. And now, everyone can’t stop talking about his thighs.

As one of the top running backs in the country, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Saquon has some strong, powerful legs. But his thighs’ ridiculous size give even The Rock a run for his money.

And as you can imagine, Twitter got pretty creative with some nicknames after beholding Saquon’s god-like thighs. Some of the favorites that the Twitter-verse has come up with “Thighger Woods,” “Thick Faldo,” and “Bubba Quadson.”

So while Saquon is poised to become a great NFL running back, with lower body power like that, who knows…maybe we’ll see another athelete cross over to the pro golf ranks.

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