Some Dude Just Won 10,000 Euros on a Schauffele / Champ Parlay

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With the introduction of sports betting into the mainstream culture, golf has become one of the most popular sports to wager on, especially to create some excitement during the slower part of the schedule. And one man from across the pond cashed in big time on his bets. Betting on golf can always result in a big payoff, just think …

Jordan Baker is Halfway to Making Millions on a Single Golf Bet

Jordan Baker is Halfway to Making Millions on a Single Golf Bet

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There are many golf fans who like to make bold predictions about who will win what tournament. Not many of those guesses, however, end up making someone a millionaire. This is where Jordan Baker enters the equation. A professional golfer himself, the Englishman decided that he would place a two-pound bet on the golf grand slam. For his choices, Baker …


Golf Betting, or How to Make Your Friends Dislike You

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(Author’s note: In no way does this article reflect mine or anyone else’s condoning or endorsing betting or gambling in any way. I mean, I do condone and enjoy gambling, but this article is not meant to be a reflection of that.) You’ve all heard someone say, “Let’s make it interesting today.” Were you filled with dread or even fear …


Phil Mickelson Loses $5000 to 17-Year Old Ryan Ruffels

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Golf Digest recently broke a story about  17-year old, soon-to-be Australian pro Ryan Ruffels, who got caught up in a friendly wager with Hall-of-Fame golfer Phil Mickelson. According to Matt Murmane in the Sydney Morning Herald, the young golfer had an experience of a lifetime.  Ruffels was quoted saying, “We get on the first tee, it’s pretty early in the morning …