The 60-Day Tathata Golf Training Program: Let the Journey Begin

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“This is going to be very different.” – Me, after watching the Day 1 video of Tathata Golf. “Lift the ribs,” “push back into the glutes,” “Create an openness with your body,” “Centered and in the ground.” These are just a few of the movement descriptions and concepts you hear from founder and instructor, Bryan Hepler, as you go through …

HackersRx Review

HackersRx Review – A Simple Golf Aid That Will Make You Better, Faster

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For anybody that wants to get better at golf, they should definitely approach golf swing advice within the boundless parameters of Google and YouTube with strict caution.  “Your left elbow needs to be straight throughout the backswing, and your shoulders need to turn like you were stuck in a hollowed keg…and imagine your eyes have shot roots into the center …