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Impact Snap Training Aid Review

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Impact Snap Golf Training Aid Review 2

Learning feel. It’s the ever-present challenge of the golf swing.

How many times, whether it be a golf coach, a youtube video, or a golf buddy, describe a part of the golf swing as “it should feel like…”? And how many times have we exaggerated a feeling in order to make a relatively minor and simple fix to our golf swing?

The game of golf, especially the swing, is built so much on feel. Yes, there are fundamentals involved, but there is a reason they are considered fundamentals. At a certain point, we all move on from them in search of improvement.

It makes sense. So much is taking place during our swing that we simply cannot see. But we can certainly feel it. Or at least think we feel it.

This idea of learning feel is what drives us to try any and all training aids that we come across. Well, that, and the fact that most of us don’t have the time, energy, and money necessary to learn it on the course or with private lessons. I don’t know about you, but when I spend my money on golf, I want it to be on the golf course, not in preparation of being on the golf course.

I measure the success of a training aid based on how it does or doesn’t teach feel within a certain part of the swing and how quickly and easily it can help me build that muscle memory.

I’ve tested a litany of golf swing training aids over the past four or five years. I would guess only a quarter of them ever make the cut of a review. Some day I’ll write a piece about all of the nonsensical pieces of equipment I’ve received and tried to use.

That being said, many have been useful in helping alignment, backswing, swaying, and even grip. But nothing I’ve ever used has tried to teach feel and the actions of my hands and wrists during the swing. Yes, I have been told, on multiple occasions, what my hands should be doing at contact. But nothing I have ever seen even attempted to teach that feeling.

I found something. And, just as any of the very best training aids, it’s incredibly simple and easy to use.

The Impact Snap provides immediate feedback by using the two best methods of training: physical and audible.

Impact Snap Golf Training Aid Review

It’s very simple, you grip the Impact Snap as if you were holding a golf club. And from there, you begin your training.

So what’s it actually teaching?

First, impact position of your hands and wrist. That’s where the physical feedback comes into play. The training aid has a golf ball attached to a bar that protrudes from the handle of the Impact Snap. The ball and bar are designed so that the golf ball will rest against your leading forearm when you finish in the correct impact position. This tells you immediately if you are in the right position or not. And despite my belief that I was already using my hands and wrist correctly at impact (SPOILER), I was not.

As I mentioned earlier about feel, when I positioned my hands at impact “correctly” according to the Impact Snap, it felt very exaggerated. But, quite honestly, I had no idea that was the feeling I should have at impact. At least not like that.

All this after literally five minutes of using the Impact Snap…in my living room.

Did I mention you can use this thing anywhere? Because you can use this thing anywhere.

But the Impact Snap isn’t done teaching you just yet. It’s got another lesson up its sleeve.

One word: LAG.

Oh, how golfers love lag. We love to watch golfers with tremendous lag. We love to read and watch video after video on how to get more lag. If we could buy lag off the shelf it’d be harder to find than Kirkland Series Golf Balls. We. Love. Lag.

And yet, A LOT of us are terrible at creating and maintaining lag. But in our defense, it is legitimately one of the hardest parts of the golf swing to get right!

The Impact Snap’s lag training is all about the second word in its name, SNAP. There’s an object inside the handle of the Impact Snap that slides from top to bottom when you move it. So when you move from the “address” position to “loaded” position (i.e. top of the backswing), you can hear it slide into place. Once loaded, the idea is to hold that object where it is until you reach the impact position. When the object in the handle slides down, you hear an audible “SNAP”. 

Impact Snap Device Review

Again, this tells you immediately if you are holding your lag properly or “casting”. (Casting, the second worst word in golf after shank.)

When both the physical and audible pieces of feedback are used together, the final element is introduced. Timing.

After a bit of use, I can now get my hands and wrists into proper impact position at the same time I hear the “SNAP” coming from the training aid.

Obviously, the true measure of a training aid is when you aren’t using it. In other words, does it translate to when I have an actual club in my hands?

Early indications are it absolutely translates. Again, all I’ve done is taken that feeling to live action. I’m making the exact same movements with a club that I was with the Impact Snap.

My new favorite place to work on my impact position and lag is in the kitchen as I’m making dinner. Simmering some onions and green peppers? Plenty of time (and space) to work on impact position. Microwaving popcorn? That might as well be an hour of practice.

Just be prepared to have your significant other glance at you side-eyed and ask “what are you doing?”

Just answer, “Getting better.”

So simple.

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