The Boys of Spring are Back Again…Sort Of

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For the past couple of years, some of golf’s biggest characters have taken us on an exciting ride into their Spring Break 2k trips. This year, boys are back at it again but under completely different circumstances.

After a two years of going out to Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas to celebrate the week after The Masters, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman spent Spring Break 2k18 in Birmingham, Alabama. If you’re sitting there wondering how this could be the best place for the quartet to follow up their epic trips, they are there for a special reason.

This year, Spring Break week fell during Smylie Kaufman’s wedding. Kaufman married longtime girlfriend Francie Harris last Saturday in Birmingham, and of course Spieth, Fowler and Thomas were there to support their friend.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that they weren’t having just as much fun.

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There are already several pictures posted on Instagram show them getting their celebration on. Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas have posted multiple selfies, with all the guys looking much fancier than they have on previous trips.

The best, however, is a video that Jordan Spieth posted of the whole party singing along to “Sweet Caroline.”

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While it was certainly an awesome experience for the young stars to share with their best friend, we can’t help but be a little disappointed that there wasn’t more craziness as their has been in years past. Going back to Spring Break 2k17 and 2k16, there were now infamous videos of the guys playing a few rounds shirtless and shoeless, along with Smylie Kaufman jumping off of a boat.

Now that he’s married, Kaufman may not be able to go as crazy as he has on the other trips but we’re happy to congratulate him on his new marriage. And we can’t wait to see what Spring Break 2k19 will bring.

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