Tiger Woods’ Backup Putter Just Sold for an Unbelievable $44,000

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While he didn’t contend like many hoped during The Masters, Tiger Woods is still driving incredible interest in golf. And if you think Tiger-mania is just a myth, take a look at what one of his putters just sold for.

Green Jacket Auctions had recently listed a putter belonging to Tiger on their site that was up for auction. The putter was given to Tiger by Scotty Cameron in 2001 and was used by Tiger as a backup or training putter. Despite never being used in an actual event, the putter still sold for a ridiculous amount, $44,401!

This may seem like a ton of money for a putter that was never actually used by Woods in tournaments, but it does have a specific value. Tiger has put his hands on this club, so it’s not like this was just sitting in his house somewhere, even though it would still have value if it was. And according to Cameron, he only made one or two of these backups for Tiger in the years they worked together.

So there are only a handful of these putters out there and they have specific markings to prove that they were Tiger’s putters. This one, in particular, is silver with red markings, with the back saying Tiger on the one side then Woods on the other.

Then the face of the putter also has the initials “T.W.” engraved in the same red color.

The rarity of an item like this definitely added to the value because there haven’t been very many putters of Tiger’s to hit the market at all. Most recently, another backup putter from the early 2000s sold for $60,000. Combine that with the fact that Woods was in his prime when he was practicing with these putters and that he’s at peak value because of his comeback, and it becomes the perfect storm for this big payday.

Needless to say, I’m interested to see how much the gamer putter would go for after carrying Tiger to 13 majors. Hopefully, one day we’ll have the chance to find out.

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