The Historic Machrihanish Clubhouse Was Destroyed by Fire

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It has not been the best of weeks for golf courses in Scotland. After one course was covered by sand this week, another one of the most historic clubhouses in the country was destroyed by a fire.

Machrihanish Golf Club originally opened back in 1876, and it is still noted as one of the most amazing courses in the world, coming in as the 88th best course in the world according to a recent poll. The clubhouse, which has been there since the beginning was tragically burned to ashes this week.

The clubhouse at Machrihanish was struck by a fire on Wednesday afternoon that quickly engulfed the entire building. While the firefighters arrived quickly and were able to put out the fire to avoid any injuries, it was determined that the historic building will not be salvageable. This is a devastating blow for the historic course but one that will not keep it down.

“We at Machrihanish Golf Club would like to express a sincere thank you to all who have helped and provided their support to the Club today,” the club said in a statement after the fire. “From those who helped to remove as much memorabilia as they possibly could from the lounge early on to all the offers of help and support received.”

It isn’t all sad news for Machrihanish, however. Despite losing the historic clubhouse, the beauty of the remote course will outlast the building.

The course features an opening tee shot that many believe is the most beautiful in the entire world. And while the clubhouse won’t be the backdrop for this tee shot any longer, the beauty of the course will remain.

The club will likely get to work soon to replace the clubhouse that will forever be remembered in the history of the course. And hopefully Machrihanish will be able to get back up and running soon so more golfers can witness its majestic views and take in the stunning site.

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