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These Guys Are Good – Here’s Why Professional Golf is as Exciting as Ever

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I’m a little late to this party but………WOW!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!!??? Jordan Speith just dunked his sand shot into the cup to win the Traveller!s!!!! His club is permanently embedded into the side of the trap and the rake his caddie threw into the air just came down!

Damn that was exciting! Fun right?

I have watched this game for as long as I can remember and I’ve seen some amazing things in both standard and high definition. Tiger’s chip in at the Masters, Tiger’s shot out of the bunker at the Canadian Open in the dark and sticking it close, Fred Couple’s holing out for 3 on the 17th on Sawgrass’s infamous island green after he dropped his I first shot into the water.The list goes on and on but there was something special about that sand shot to win it. Wether it’s the celebration or the reaction Daniel Berger when he saw it drop, even he had to smile at the way it ended.

Jordan is 23 years old and he has 10 tour victories including 2 majors and lets face it, he could easily have a few more. This is what the PGA needed to breathe some life into what a lot of people (Fair weather fans) as a stale game, I mean previously when fair weather fans talked about the golf and the PGA it was because of an official deciding the outcome of a tournament a-la Dustin Johnson or again with DJ with TMZ talking about how short his wife’s skirt was. Now we see guys like Dustin, Jordan, Justin, Rory, Rickie, we see excitement, we see true competition, to re-hash an old PGA commercial “These guys are good!”


They are exciting to watch, hopefully the PGA realizes what they have in this new group of young guys, and lets be honest the “old guys” as damn entertaining as well. Watching Phil, Ernie and even Furyk (this guy shot a 58 not that long ago!!) get around the course knowing they are always in striking distance is awesome.

Watching the Snapchat stories of those dudes in the Caribbean playing golf in bare feet, drinking beer, actually having fun on the course. They are young, candid, the wear their hearts on there sleeve when they are in competition. It’s refreshing to see then react the way we do after an errant shot makes me feel slightly better about myself.

I’ve never had the opportunity to take in a PGA event, mostly due to where I live (there aren’t many PGA events rolling through anywhere near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan) but I truly hope I do get the chance to do so soon, I apply for tickets to the Masters every year with no luck, I missed the Waste Management Open by 4 days ( I did get to golf TPC Scottsdale though) the point is if I find it so exciting on the Golf Channel I can’t imagine how cool it would be to take it in live and these guys on tour right now are the reason why.

This game is exciting, these guys are unreal good, take it in, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen this level of both parody and skill on the tour.

See you on the 19th,

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