Want to Make the Game Fun Again? Here’s a Good Start.

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“Make golf fun again!!!!!”

When I hear this I think, make it easier so I don’t have to try so hard to get better at it. If you want to enjoy it more than you do now you have to do one thing and one thing only……..ready for it…….PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE that’s right, if you want to get have more fun golfing getting better will virtually increase your fun (insert random number here) level 10 fold. So in the words of one of the true hardworking athletes of our generation:

“We talkin’ bout practice”
Wayne Gretzky– Allen Iverson

Seriously, does this not reek of millennial BS?

“I’m not having fun, make it easier so I can have more fun.” said the guy in the brightly colored Nike shirt and matching shoes who just finished drinking his 7th Pabst.

To this I respond with, if it were too easy it would not be fun anymore, I mean when I was a toddler and I loved putting those brightly colored shapes into their corresponding holes but I stopped having fun when I figured out how to do it because it became to easy (the fact that it took me until I was 14 doesn’t matter) that’s the beautiful thing about golf you can get as good as you want you will still suck at some aspect of the game. What I’m trying to say is unless you’re lazy, slovenly and act like a sloth put the damn work in and you’ll begin to love this game as many of us do.

Some of the suggestions to make the game more fun is to increase the hole size, shorten the course and allow non-regulation clubs. These are just some of the suggestions. I have no issue if you want to convert a course or create a course to make it easier I’m all for that, but leave the courses that many of us love to challenge both it and ourselves to be better.

Here are my suggestions to make the beautiful game funner or more fun depending on your level of education:

First off, depending on what time of the day it is you either have to shot gun Red Bull or a crisp cold beer on the first tee, children and the elderly would receive an obvious exemption first for the kids they’d have to tip back a pixie stick (if they still make them) and the *ahem* more mature golfers might want to try a shot of Centrum Silver. This would loosen most of us up and get the heart rate going, science has shown when the heart rate goes up you hit the ball harder, farther, and straighter. I attempted to contact Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson but as of this writing I’ve yet to hear back. Trust the science (I’m gonna keep drinking beer on the course until I start to hit it straight.)

Secondly, make the game a bit cheaper. As I sit here and write this I look at my golf bag and I see roughly $1200.00 in equipment sitting in front of me, looking like a bored smart kid who knows he’ll never reach his potential when he’s smarter then the teacher. Now I didn’t pay $1200.00 for everything, I’m rocking a used TaylorMade R11s, a TM SLDR 3 wood that I got a smoking deal on. I bought brand new TM SpeedBlades a couple years ago that I did not get a great deal on but dammit I thought I needed them. I’ve slowly come to the realization that I’m a brand whore and I like nice things. I’ve also realized you still need to know how to use said nice stuff to gain maximum potential!

Also what’s the deal with $5 golf balls, I’m an 18 handicap (conservatively) and I’ve been told in need to hit ProV1s, well here’s the thing you can lose a $5 golf ball just a easily as a 50 cent gently used Top Flite from Wal-Mart. So think about it, what’s making the game less fun? Is it losing $48 of Pro V 1s? Or are you pissed because you’ve lost $48 worth of balls. Let the pros hit them, stick with the Costco brand.

Thirdly, I know you dress like Jordan Speith, you’re hitting the same sticks as Rory and you’re rocking a beard like DeLaet or Beef, but let me tell you, I can almost 100% guarantee you are none of these people!


Can you hit it the 250 yards required to carry that bunker or water? Can you even reach the fairway from the blacks? Do you honestly want to enjoy the game or are you just paying for torture? Swallow your pride and play a little closer, I promise you will enjoy it a lot more, trust me finding the fairway every now and then is fun! Bill Nye told me so.

These are just a few ideas, guys and gals this game is has fun as you make it, try a few.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll see you on the 19th

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