This TPC Sawgrass 17th Hole Prank is Absolutely Savage

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For any golfers who have thought about their “dream golf course,” the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass is probably somewhere in the mix. The iconic hole features the famous island green that is seen at THE PLAYERS Championship and carries with it plenty of PGA TOUR history.

And for anyone that travels to Florida to play at TPC, that’s the hole that you’re shelling out a ton of money to play on. It really doesn’t matter if you hit the water or the green at that point, it’s just an incredibly feeling playing a hole where some of the legends have hit incredible shots that live in the memories of the game forever.

Now, can you imagine finally getting your shot at the 17th, only to be told at the very last minute you wouldn’t be able to tee it up? 

That’s exactly the prank that awaited a handful of golfers this week…

In the video comedian Paul Gutkowski was given the task of informing groups that they were not going to be able to play the 17th hole. He used a variety of excuses, such as pros were coming in for practice and that a rare egg was found in the hole location and they were working to remove it safely.

Surprisingly, most golfers were pretty receptive to the news albeit disappointed. But the best reactions that you’ll find in the video provided by Skratch are the guys that start to challenge Gutkowski and push to continue playing through the hole. Eventually, Gutkowski gives up the gig and lets the groups play but some of these guys looked like they were ready to fight for their right to play.

Despite the prank, I’m sure the experience of playing 17 was one that the golfers will never forget. And hopefully, the prank wasn’t enough to sour some players from returning for a second crack at one of golf’s most famous courses in the country.


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