Thomas Bjorn Lived Up To Promise by Getting a Ryder Cup Tattoo

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Just when golf fans in the United States were getting over the tough Ryder Cup loss their team was handed a few months back by Team Europe, those dark memories all came back into the light this week thanks to Thomas Bjorn.

If you remember all the way back when the Europeans took the title, there was a lot of joking about a promise that captain Thomas Bjorn made to his players if they were to win the event. According to several of the team members, Bjorn promised that he would get a tattoo of the winning score if they came out on top.

Captain Thomas Bjorn hugs Francesco Molinari as he secures the…

Captain Thomas Bjorn hugs Francesco Molinari as he secures the winning point to take the victory during the singles matches of the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National on September 30, 2018 in Paris,… Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

Bjorn confirmed the rumors in a press conference where even more details were revealed about the tattoo.

He stated that it would be the final score of the tournament and it would go in an intimate place. Specifically, he said that the tattoo would go in a place that only his girlfriend Grace would see it but he would send a picture to the team afterward.

Bjorn smartly predicted however that would probably result in everyone else seeing it as well. So to get in front of it, Bjorn decided to take the entire world along with him for the ride as he lived up to his word.

The European Ryder Cup official twitter account posted a video of Bjorn getting his tattoo of the 17 1/2 – 10 1/2 final score right on his backside.

Bjorn said immediately that he regretted making the promise and described it as the worst decision he had made that entire week. His team seemed to think the opposite after they won and Bjorn was still able to find some fun in it.

Bjorn’s first remarks in the video are “Told you I would do it… Merry Christmas.” He then proceeds to brace for the needle and the world watches as the tattoo becomes permanent.

There has already been talk of Bjorn returning as a captain of the European team at some point and if he does, he should probably get prepared to have a second score tattooed right next to the current one.

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