Three Keys to a More Consistent Golf Game

Three Keys to a More Consistent Golf Game

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Three Keys to a More Consistent Golf Game

Wouldn’t you love to be more consistent on the golf course?

If you think about it, consistency is really what is standing between you and lower scores. Sure, it would be nice to improve your swing technique, but your current swing is likely capable of hitting plenty of good shots. In fact, during your last round, you almost certainly hit at least a handful of quality shots.

Those shots prove the capability of your swing.

With a swing that is already capable, the only thing stopping you from shooting low scores is the ability to repeat that swing time after time 

Of course, repeating your swing is easier said than done. As the saying goes, ‘if it was easy, everyone would do it’.

There are a number of hurdles that you will need to clear before you can establish what would be considered a consistent golf game. We are going to attempt to help you clear some of those hurdles with the advice we offer in this article.  

Before getting started, we do want to make one thing perfectly clear – no golfer is able to produce consistent results on every single shot. If you watch the players on the PGA TOUR compete at the highest level, you’ll notice that even they still hit bad shots.

Golf is a hard game, and there will always be mistakes along the way. The goal is to replace as many of those mistakes as possible with quality shots.  

Below are three keys which we hope will help you take your game in a more consistent direction.  

#1  A Proper Warm-Up Routine 

There is nothing like a solid warm-up routine to make sure you are ready to play. Sadly, most amateur golfers fail to warm up the right way. Instead, they turn their warm-up into a practice session, which is a big mistake.

You shouldn’t be practicing when getting ready for a round – you should just be warming your muscles, developing a rhythm, and getting your mind into ‘golf mode.’  

The first thing to remember about your warm-up is that putting is the most important piece of the puzzle. Green speeds are going to change from day to day – and even hour to hour – so you need to warm up your putter both at the start and end of your session. If possible, you should also work some chipping into the short game portion of your warm-up.  

When it comes time to hit the range, be sure to not hit too many shots. You don’t want to tire yourself out before even arriving at the first tee. Hit just enough shots to get your body warmed-up and find a good tempo that you can use for the rest of the day.

Be sure to hit the club you are going to use off the first tee, and also hit some short iron shots. When you walk up to the first tee, you should feel relaxed, prepared, and ready to play your best.  

#2  Focus on Every Shot 

Let’s be honest – it’s hard to focus on any one thing for four hours or more. Even if you are a die-hard golfer who simply loves the game, you probably can’t give a round of golf your full attention from the first shot all the way to the last. It is a long day out there on the course, and there are plenty of distractions around every turn.  

Rather than trying to stay focused all day long, your best bet is to allow your mind to come in and out of focus as specific times. When you are getting ready to hit a shot, you need to be locked in on the task at hand. If you are just walking up the fairway, however, you can let your mind wander to other things for a much-needed break.  

You need a ‘trigger’ to bring you back into golf mode prior to every shot. One of the best things to use as this trigger is the act of taking a club out of your bag. Once you pull a club out of your bag, you should be fully focused on hitting a great shot.

Your conversations with other golfers should stop at this point, and you should be completely dialed in on what it is you need to do. When the shot is over and the club goes away, you can relax again.  

#3 – Sticking to the Plan 

This is where many golfers lose their way. When you head out onto the course, you probably have a swing thought or two in mind that you are going to use for the day. Maybe you want to focus on your balance, or maybe you are thinking about keeping your right elbow down in the backswing (for a right-handed golfer). Whatever it is, you have a plan and you hope that plan will work.  

Sadly, it is common for golfers to give up on their plan after just one or two bad shots. If you don’t get off to a great start, you might decide that you need to make quick changes to your technique. Usually, those changes will not be for the better. Trust the work that you have done in your practice sessions and stick with the game plan you had coming in. As mentioned earlier, no golfers are perfectly consistent, so you can’t expect to hit beautiful shots each and every time. Stay with your plan all day long and you should be happy with the results.  

Consistency is always going to be hard to come by in golf, but these tips should help move you in the right direction. By warming up the right way, focusing on each shot, and sticking with your game plan for all 18 holes, you can build a game which meets your expectations more often than not. Have fun out there, and here’s to many years to consistent performance in your future!