Tiger Woods Narrowly Avoided a Two-Stroke Penalty At the Hero World Challenge

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Tiger had a nightmare finish to his second round of the Hero Challenge last Friday, hitting the ball all over the 18th on his way to a double bogey on the hole. As bad as that sounds, Tiger actually got a lucky break that helped him avoid an even bigger number to close out his round.

His second shot came from under a bush that forced him to take an awkward shot from a knee. This shot is the one that became a central focus after he finished up the hole.

Seeing where his shot ended up, Tiger immediately brought over a rules official to see what his options were. After concluding that he had to play the ball where it was, Woods took a really awkward swing at the ball that put him back into the rough but out of the sandy bush area. After he finished his round, however, he had to review the shot with rules officials.

If you watch closely, you can see that Tiger obviously double hit the ball, which is a violation of the rules that results in a two-stroke penalty. After reviewing this, however, it was determined that Woods would not be penalized for the violation.

The reason Tiger wasn’t penalized was because it would not have been caught if it wasn’t for the slow motion replays that determined he double hit the ball. The funny thing about this is that the rule in question is actually being eliminated for the new season that starts in just over a month.

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Many people took to social media to express their displeasure with the rules officials’ decision to not penalize Woods but I for one think that it was a good decision. Technology, especially instant replay, has caused a lot of controversy in all types of sports as it has developed and it has muddied how we judge different actions.

Replay should be used as a good tool to fix egregious errors that no one sees. But if you have to really look at a replay just to find an illegal action, that’s just being too technical in my opinion.

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