Use This Momentum-Building Exercise to Improve Your Ball Striking

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Professional golfers all have something in common other than being very good at the game of golf; they routinely perform various golf-related exercises at the gym. Similar to using a weighted club, fitness equipment can also be utilized to develop a stronger, more “momentous” golf swing. This is beneficial in not only generating more backspin but also in shaping a picturesque draw or fade – especially when the shot requires a significant amount of either one.

The following exercise is a good way to enhance these qualities of your respective golf swing:

Exercise Instructions:

  1. Locate a pulley at the gym or—even better yet—at home, as purchasing one is a very smart investment; it is certainly one of the most universal equipment for performing a multitude of workouts. Depending on your height, raise/lower the pulley until the handle is at the location closest to the top of your respective backswing. Pull out the weight-selecting pin and insert it in a light weight (10 pounds or so is perfect). As with any other exercise, you will gradually increase this at your discretion and, even more importantly, as you perfect your form.
  2. For right-handed golfers (vice versa for lefties), grip the handle with your left hand and explode downward. Just as you would think, stop at the exact point at which you would strike a golf ball if present.
    • Other than your form as aforementioned, I want you to focus on your core movements and, ultimately, strengthening your abdominal muscles.
  3. When performing the reverse contraction (upward movement), slow down and resist the weight as much as possible.
    • This portion of the exercise should be at least two- or three-times that of the “downswing” movement.
  4. As you perform subsequent repetitions, try to envision your actual golf swing and the emphasis that you would put on your actual ball striking. This is vitally important in maximizing the effectiveness of this workout.
    • Even for stronger and more experienced individuals, I recommend not exceeding more than 25 pounds, as this can damage your rotator cuff and other pertinent shoulder muscles.

By integrating this exercise into your arsenal, you could very well see significant improvements in both your ball striking and shot shaping.

Cheers to improving your ball striking via this productive gym exercise.

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