Fitness Friday – 4 Excellent Core Exercises for Golfers

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In this new golf fitness segment, Kirk Adams, Director of Fitness at Golf & Body NYC, takes your questions from The Golf Podcast Facebook Group, and answers them with specific exercises you can use to improve your golf game. This week Kirk shows us four core exercises to help you build a stronger core that will allow you to better …


Golf Podcast 185: Macro Nutrition with Matt Phelps of Metabolic Meltdown

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This week on The Golf Podcast we’re talking to Mike’s diet and nutrition coach, Matt Phelps, about everything from macronutrients to creating a personalized metabolic workout. Tune in as we discuss easy ways to give yourself the healthy lifestyle boost you need to improve your golf game and so much more. In this Show You Will Learn: What a “Macro” …


Use This Momentum-Building Exercise to Improve Your Ball Striking

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Professional golfers all have something in common other than being very good at the game of golf; they routinely perform various golf-related exercises at the gym. Similar to using a weighted club, fitness equipment can also be utilized to develop a stronger, more “momentous” golf swing. This is beneficial in not only generating more backspin but also in shaping a …