Vijay Singh’s Intense Workouts are Going Viral

Justin B. News, Players Leave a Comment

Vijay Singh hasn’t been all that relevant in golf in recent years but he’s finding a way to get back into the minds of golf fans through his workout routines.

Vijay had been splitting his time between the PGA TOUR and the Senior Circuit in recent years but at the age of 56 Singh has finally decided to put all of his attention to the Tour of Champions. And he’s taking it as seriously as ever with his workout program that looks incredibly intense.

He posted this video that includes multiple workouts where he whips around tires and medicine balls as a sample of his workout plan.

Another video shared on Instagram shows Vijay whipping a medicine ball around with his golf glove on.

Despite some of the comedic nature of these viral videos the workouts are obviously working for Singh, who looks like he’s in great shape.

Vijay is also hoping to recapture some of the magic that saw the native of Fiji win 34 events internationally, including 22 on the PGA TOUR. Those wins also include one major championship at the 2004 PGA Championship.

Singh is already starting off the year strong after settling his longstanding lawsuit with the PGA TOUR so he’s going to be solely focused on golf in 2019. And if his workouts show anything, it’s that the top players on the Tour of Champions should watch out for Vijay this year.


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