Rocco Mediate is Opening Up About his Prior Alcohol Abuse

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There are many PGA TOUR players that have dealt with addictions and vices over the past few years. While many of these are kept quiet, some of these battles have become public, most notably those of Tiger Woods.

Now, a former competitor of Woods has opened up about his own personal fight.

Rocco Mediate wasn’t the best golfer to ever grace the PGA TOUR by any means but he gained a lot of popularity years ago when he battled against Tiger Woods during the 2008 U.S. Open Championship. Rocco would eventually string together a career that included six PGA TOUR wins but he was dealing with issues that no one could have ever imagined during that magical run.

In an interview this week, Mediate admitted that he has been a habitual alcoholic for years. That includes drinking during PGA TOUR events and in his downtime. Mediate even went as far as to say that from last October to several years prior, he could not remember a day that he didn’t have at least one drink.

Hearing him discuss this issue is honestly extremely sad.

Rocco Mediate talks with Gary Nicklaus on the 11th hole during the…

Rocco Mediate talks with Gary Nicklaus on the 11th hole during the first round of the Oasis Championship at The Old Course at Broken Sound on February 08, 2019 in Boca Raton, Florida. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

“The year of 2017 was a pretty a-ha moment. In ’17, everything was just so bad,” Mediate said. “My golf game was just horrible. I felt like crap. It just wasn’t the right thing. I call myself a habitual alcoholic because it was. And I was lucky, because if it’s dependent, or if it’s chemical, or if it’s hereditary — which I have no alcoholism in my family that I even know of, ever — then I got issues.”

Mediate has had a career that has lasted over 35 years and he has claimed several victories, including his first in 1991 and his last in 2010. Mediate has also had a fantastic run on the senior circuit, winning the Senior PGA Championship in 2016. But his greatest victory is being a year sober and feeling better than ever.

It’s sad to see that Mediate suffered from this issue for the past few years but it is incredibly uplifting that he has seemingly kicked his addiction. Hopefully, Rocco stays on this path and he’ll continue to prosper professionally and personally.

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