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‘Wow’ is probably the best word to describe the 2018 golf season. I started out with a 5+ year old set of TaylorMade Burner 2.0 irons and a mixed-bag of many other brands/clubs before making an epic equipment upgrade pretty much everywhere.

Remember my tweet right before the Arnold Palmer Invitational Pro-Am at Bay Hill?

All that has disappeared; except the putter. #getmikeascotty

In May I went through a massive full-bag fitting with Kevin Sprecher, the head pro at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in New York. What an experience!

I quickly found out the clubs I’ve been playing with all those years (although great), were simply not fitted to my swing.

WITB Full Bag Fitting Golficity

Not only did the clubs and balls get an upgrade, but Vessel bags was kind enough to offer me a custom bag for the new sticks and I couldn’t be more pleased with the look and quality.

Another huge upgrade for me this year is ShotScope V2. You’ll notice that I reference it in this video as it’s been my go-to for GPS and stat tracking and I couldn’t be more excited to get a full season in with it in 2019.

If you’re using ShotScope, be sure to join the Golficity leaderboard using the code GICITY and hope on in there. Giveaways and prizes coming in 2019.

In my WITB video, I take you to my local public course Darlington. Enjoy!

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Michael Fasano is the co-founder of Golficity, LLC and is extremely obsessed with golf. As an amateur golfer and writer, Michael loves playing the game and sharing his knowledge of what has made him such a great player in a short period of time.

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