The Ultimate 2018 Holiday Golf Gift Guide for Every Budget

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Yes golf junkies, it’s that time of the year again.

No, not The Masters (sorry, few more months before we get there).

It’s the Holiday Season, which means it’s time to put your wish list together to make sure you get all the golf gear you’ve been drooling over for the past 12 months.

But in the event that you’re unsure what to ask for (or looking to fully round out that wish list and cover all your bases), here’s a few ideas for every budget:

Golf Gift Ideas Under $50

The PuttOUT Putting Pressure Trainer

We’ve repeatedly raved about the PuttOUT Pressure Trainer, and that’s because it flat out works.

The PuttOUT features a super-simple design (read: idiot proof) and helps golfers develop the two most important putting skills: speed and direction.

And if you really want to hone your flat stick skills, the Perfect Putt micro-target demands golfers hit that perfect line and speed.


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The PuttOUT itself is incredibly inexpensive, coming in at under $30, but you can also splurge for the best-in-class PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat for an additional $89 and you’ll have the complete putting package!

Asher Gloves

We’re not sure there is a more useful and apropo gift for a golfer than a golf glove. Other than the actual golf ball, it may be the most used item in their bag.

And while you can get them one of the more traditional white gloves from a major manufacturer, Asher has far better options and styles while sacrificing zero quality. Plus, at Asher prices, you can provide your favorite golfer with several different colors and styles without breaking the bank.

Whether it be the AA premium cabretta-leather Cobalt, Alta, or Stinger gloves or the super-cool Chuck gloves in about any color you could want, Asher’s gloves are as resilient as they are stylish.


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They have even started producing NBA-inspired team gloves.  And if want your favorite golfer to really stand-out, then you have to get them at least one of their Deathgrip gloves. By far, the coolest glove in golf.

Uther Supply

A quality golf towel might be one of the most overlooked accessories that actually support your game.

Don’t believe me? How about the fact that dirty grooves can drastically reduce spin, even as much as 50%, which can be the difference between holding a green for a birdie opportunity and watching the ball skate off the back of the green and scrambling for par.

Uther Supply towels are made with an anti-microbial, moisture wicking, soft microfiber material that absorbs a lot more moisture than your standard cotton-blend towel. In addition, the waffle pattern helps you easily clear out any dirt or sand that gets clogged in those grooves before that next shot.

And to put the cherry on top, Uther Supply features tons of different patterns that allow you to add a little flair and personality to your golf bag.


Golf Gift Ideas from $51 to $250

Shot Scope V2

If you’re already a Golficity podcast subscriber, you’ve heard all about this fantastic little device.

Even if you don’t subscribe and listen (you should), you’ve probably heard mention of how the Shot Scope V2 is changing the way we play the game. You may have seen Golficity’s very own Kris McEwen in Shot Scope’s Facebook ads!

Shot Scope

The V2 is the ultimate “all-in-one” golf device. It has built in GPS that will give you front, middle, and back of the green, as well as hazard distances.  At the same time, by installing small “nubs” into the grip of each of your clubs, it tracks the distance and accuracy all of your shots automatically.

There’s no tagging before each shot and you don’t need to be a techie to operate the V2.  You just play golf and the V2 does the rest.

It also allows for exact location of the pins of every green. Which in turns gives a player far more accurate proximity to the hole and length of putt statistics.


Shot Scope Offer

Speaking of statistics, the V2 and Shot Scope app and website do an incredible job turning all of your data into easy to understand and sortable information.

Combine the technology (including free firmware upgrades for life) with their newly released medals and leaderboard functionality (including Golficity’s own leaderboard group: GICITY), and this is what we golfers call “a two foot putt.” Easily one of the best products out on the market today and one of our favorites on this year’s gift list.

Plus, if you go to Shotscope.com/Golficity and use the coupon code GOLFICITY, you can get it for less than $200.  That is an absolute steal.

TRUE Linkswear

Another Golficity favorite, TRUE Linkswear has really established itself as one of the top golf shoes retailers.

By focusing on shoes that are super comfortable and made with high quality materials, all three models of TRUEs—the Originals, Outsiders, and Knits—will have your feet thanking you the next time you hit the course.

The reason being is that all of TRUE’s models are lightweight and feature a Natural Width Toe Box, which allows your foot to settle into the shoe and provide you with greater balance and traction, and minimal drop sole cushioning, keeping you significantly more connected with the ground.

Nikon Rangefinders

While Nikon is most well-known for their cameras, their recent entry into the golf rangefinder marketplace has illustrated that they’re not messing around.

Their newest offerings—the COOLSHOT 20i and COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED—really set them apart from the rest of the rangefinder market. In fact, the COOLSHOT 20i is an evolution of the outgoing model, which was the best selling rangefinder on Amazon.


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Meanwhile, the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED might be the best rangefinder on the market right now.

Featuring Nikon’s industry exclusive STABILIZED Technology, the COOLSHOT PRO basically eliminates all of the excess movement out of the picture and helps stabilize the rangefinder by approximately 20%. As a result, you’ll guarantee that you’re hitting your intended target and get distance readings significantly faster than your playing partners who are busy lining up their fourth shot at the pin.

But in case that doesn’t seal the deal, LOCKED ON Technology makes sure you’re picking the right club by displaying a green circle that confirms that you’re getting a distance for the closest target (i.e., the flagstick) instead of that tree 35 yards behind the green.

Waggle Polos

While there’s lots of different golf polo options out there, there’s really only one company that was entirely founded on the premise of going “against the grain.”

Waggle Golf doesn’t want to be like any other polo company and, instead, is focused on standing out, having fun, and growing the game. And their polos reflect that:

Like my recent review touched on, Waggle Polos won’t just guarantee that you stand out, they’re also made with a high quality, lightweight polyester spandex material that keeps you cool.

Golf Gift Ideas ABOVE $250

BIG MAX Aqua 2 Sport Cart Bag

Traditionally, Big Max has been primarily a push cart company. In fact, they have basically dominated the market with their high-quality and innovative trolleys (the British word for push carts). They also used to only sell their products in Europe.

But that all changed recently as Big Max has officially crossed the big pond, making their products available to the United States as well as venturing into the golf bag business in a big way.

The Aqua 2 Sport Cart Bag has everything a golfer could possibly want in a cart bag and then some.

The bag has 14 individual and full length club dividers, and seven individual pockets including the biggest cooler bag I’ve ever seen on a golf bag. Another pocket is a felt-lined valuables pocket and it also has a pocket on the backside of the bag that can store a battery meant to power one of their electric push carts. And while I don’t have one of those, I do store my four-port, 20,400mAh portable charger in the pocket.

Big Max

Oh, and did I mention it is 100% waterproof? Not “water resistant.” Waterproof.

Along with the material of the bag itself, the zippers and seams are also specifically designed to keep water out.  It also comes with an equally waterproof club cover.

Additional features include a spot specifically for an umbrella, two velcro spots for golf gloves, and a towel ring.

And if you’re worried it’ll be too heavy, don’t be. The bag weighs a minuscule 5.2 pounds.

That should cover a little something for everyone at just about every price point, but if you have any ideas of your own be sure to share them with us in the comments below.

Happy Holidays and may your golf gifts abound this season!

For more be sure to check out fellow Golficity contributor, Kris McEwen’s, holiday golf gift suggestions:


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